The Ontario government is slashing healthcare… again. Help us stop them.

The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board is cutting choices for quality care. Ontarians are sick of cuts. WSIB is hurting hard-working Ontarians when help is needed the most. It’s wrong.

Slashing Choices, Slashing Care

Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board delivers services and benefits for injured workers. Part of that role is supporting Ontarians who have lost their hearing at work. But WSIB is slashing their support – cutting the choices available to those who need it. Right when these Ontarians need help the most, our government is abandoning them. These Ontarians, our friends and neighbours, have a right to the best care.

Ontarians Deserve to Hear

We’re sick and tired of the Ontario government cutting our healthcare. The WSIB wants to make life harder for those who lost their hearing through no fault of their own, just to save a few bucks. They’re trampling on the rights of working Ontarians. We have to stop them – we have to protect our healthcare!

Tell Your MPP to #HelpOntarioHear

The only way the WSIB will change its decision is if MPPs hear our voices loud and clear. Don’t be silent. Fill out this form and tell your MPP: Ontarians deserve to hear.

Tell Your MPP To #HelpOntarioHear

Tell Your MPP To #HelpOntarioHear

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Hear Ontario is a coalition of hearing aid manufacturers and hearing healthcare professionals working to maximize the choices and quality of hearing aids provided by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board. The coalition supports high-quality healthcare for Ontarians and their families, and equal access for all, particularly workers who whose hearing has been damaged on the job.

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